Who we are

The University of Idaho Agricultural Mechanics laboratory is composed of interdisciplinary scientist determined to improve our world through development of novel scientific theories, mechanisms and applications:

    • Science Establish cross-disciplinary research to advance fundamental science underlying key questions in food security and genome-to-phenome relationships. To develop novel scientific instruments to quantify the mechanics of complex biological systems.
    • DiversityIncrease the number of under-represented groups entering the STEM workforce with a focus on K-12 students from rural communities.
    • Sustainability – Create enduring support for research and education infrastructure in Idaho regardless of changes in national funding priorities or sources.
    • Workforce DevelopmentCreate a diverse well trained work force capable of addressing engineering grand challenges of the 21st century.
    • Education – Provide students and researchers with opportunities to work across disciplines in a rewarding environment where they can develop technical expertise, while expanding their scientific networks and improving communication skills.